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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. You can’t always be on site, but you can control and monitor operations from anywhere in the world. From city water services to cross country oil pipelines, we design and implement SCADA systems that work for our clients. By implementing our SCADA systems with leading technology to monitor your systems in real time. Operations are only as good as the data they collect.


Communications between machine-to-machine devices, as well as sensors, is one of the first steps into the future.  EPIC is ahead of the curve on this and has devoted
training, education, and research to understand how to help our customers capitalize on this revolution. From Advanced Metering
Infrastructures for utilities and even SMART Buildings we can design, specify, and integrate a solution to keep your
organization moving forward.


We aren’t just designers, we are builders. Just like our services, we put all we have into our manufactured products. Our specialties include RTUs, PLC enclosures, electrical racks, and Motor Controls Centers. From the smallest communications
cabinet, to the Power Distribution and Controls building (PDC) that houses 480V MCCs, VFDs, PLC, and HVAC, we’ve got you covered. Our products leave the shop tested and ready to work.


At our core we are an Electrical Engineering and Design firm. We provide solutions and results to our customers to bring their projects to life. We collaborate with clients to fully execute and advise on their vision. Once a project has been designed we never close the books until all questions and concerns are taken care up. EPIC is committed to providing unheard of customer service and client support.


Programmable Logic Computers (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Systems that help you get work done. We help our clients decide what software, hardware, and systems are needed to help them perform at the highest level possible. Based on a proper Controls Narrative, which is the story your automation and control scheme follows,.


A strong network is the backbone of all great operations. The ability to communicate data, controls, analytics, video, security over a robust secure network is essential to a healthy operating organization. From Wide Area Network, like a city water and wastewater system to Local Area Networks such as a Building Automation System, EPIC Engineering can provide a solution to keep applications communicating.

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